There are three strands of Magni Telescopic Handlers’ DNA: drive, quality and craftsmanship. As a rule, Magni products adhere to quality and safety standards that supersede market averages. The product range is growing continuously and is pushing the limits of versatility, an active demonstration of Magni’s know­how. Magni devotes full attention to Research and Development and to the selection of raw materials. Our commitment to developing highly precise production lines is unparalleled, and our processes are all Made in Italy – from beginning to end.


At Magni, drive means choosing zero ­km manufacturing partners and selecting staff who are not only qualified in our key functions but specialists in them. Our drive also finds an outlet in our continuous endeavors to create new and advanced models and solutions. All of our Research and Development takes place internally, and thus its impact on the entire production line is immediate.


Quality is the meeting point between manufacturing and craftsmanship. Our products have a long history. Magni recognises the need for meticulousness when it comes to selecting raw materials. We strive to attain the highest quality at every single stage of the production line. Each product is a true Italian masterpiece.


Combining craftsmanship with innovation and technology is not a means to an end but the framework through which we achieve constant and endless improvement. The secret lies in precision. Having clear ideas is vital: We need to know where we want to go and what we want to create. And at Magni, we throw our all into accomplishing it.


Magni’s genuine know­how is based on an Italian tradition of manual skills and custom-built products. We see these as indispensable values. They are the very essence of our personality and help us create unique, advanced products. They are what make us an ambassador of the Made in Italy merchandise brand, which guarantees that a product has been produced – from start to finish – in this country.

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