Magni’s expertise has been applauded as the industry leader for the development of a specific range of heavyduty machines: the HTH RANGE. From 10 to 50 ton lifting capacity, HTH take on such onerous tasks and become the ideal companion for those requiring performance and reliability in extreme conditions. They are undisputed champions in heavy-duty work.

Even in a demanding sector like the oil & gas sector,
HTH can meet all expectations both in gas pipelines
support for on-site activities and quarry machinery
maintenance and repairs.

Inside mines and quarries, Magni HTH are also used for
the logistics of heavy and bulky materials. All models are
4 wheel drive and steering and perfect for working on
rough and uneven terrain with extreme stability.

A specific range of attachments for mines and quarries
has been developed to propose maximum flexibility.
Replacing tyres and cylinders or handling conveyor
belts and coils have never been easier.

HTH models offer top performances combining impeccable
precision to total safety. This is why they are definitely
suitable for exceptional works in difficult environmental
contexts which require much skill and effort.


The innovative design of Magni’s cabs ensures
unbeatable operator comfort and safety.
The cab has full visibility thanks to a large
windscreen which extends from the operator’s head
to their feet, allowing them to view the load even
when it is suspended overhead or with the boom
completely lowered.

The cab is FOPS/ROPS certified and equipped with
an upper grill guard to guarantee operator safety
even during the most delicate operations.
The cabin is also airtight and fully pressurised,
to ensure a safe working environment for the operator
at all times.

Our HTH range can be used in each part of the world,
from coldest Siberia, to the hotter African desert.
Each machine equips with heating and air
conditioning, to grant comfortable working
conditions throughout all the year.

Magni machines ere equipped with 100% air
filtration. This feature, which is standard on all HTH
models, enables to use the machine even in polluted
or contamined environment. You simply have to
change the filter according to your needs.

Achieving the most comfortable and ergonomic driving
position is essential while working. The Magni RTH cab
allows you to easily adjust the steering wheel to the most
ergonomic and comfortable position. Nevertheless, when
the column is straight, you can effortlessly access the cab.
The seat can also be moved forwards and backwards to
achieve the perfect support for your back.

Recently added to the cab, you will now find a mug
holder. This is a big hit with operators, allowing them
to enjoy their morning coffee or other beverages during
their breaks. The cab also features a USB port as
standard, ideal for charging tablets and smartphones.



The user-friendly display is very intuitive, both for beginner and expert operators. In case of faults, it can communicate the problem with more than 170 written fault messages in 12 different languages. The interface is completely touch screen for fast selection of the tools, but if you prefer, you can go through different pages also with the joypad.

With the display, the operator can manage all functions of the machine from the operational point of view (e.g. stabilizers, heating, speed,…). None the less the operator can also use service and diagnostics functions. The display has the built-in possibility to be easily updated remotely from our Aftersales Team.


Fast and simple troubleshooting of electrical and
electronically managed components allows for
reductions in machine downtime. When a fault is
detected, the system automatically shuts off any
movement likely to worsen the fault and displays an
alarm code which identifies the fault type.


All Magni HTH models are equipped with a 7’’
touchscreen display. The machine management
software installed on the touchscreen gathers all
usage data and displays them conveniently over three
different pages. Navigating between these pages is
extremely easy and intuitive, even for less expert users.

The Magni Combi Touch System is a brand new concept
in machine management; it is easy to use for both
expert and new operators, thanks to its icon-based
design which makes it highly intuitive.
The system is divided into 3 main pages, each one
dedicated to different functions. Each page can also be
easily brought up via a specific button on the joystick.


All data on the transmission and
its components are shown in the
upper section, just like a traditional
instrument cluster, whereas the
lower section allows the driver
to select the type of steering.
This selection is facilitated by
the presence of two alignment
sensors. It is also possible to set
the speed (tortoise/hare).


Magni uses the “Load
Moment Indicator” system
which meets all regulations
for cranes.
The screen displays a
dynamic load chart which
allows the operator to
keep a constant view of the
payload’s centre of gravity.


The upper section is used to
manage basic cab commands
(such as temperature and
ventilation), the middle
section is dedicated to the
machine lights, while the
lower section displays the
various available options
for switching from the cab
controls to remote control.



Our Heavy-duty telescopic handlers combine innovation and new technologies to offffer high-end performance in each application. The specifific research of new materials and electronic components toproduce powerful and durable machines is part of the unique approach of our R&D team. Nonetheless, in Magni, we like to have total control over production, from the supply of raw materials to the production of final product, so we can guarantee top-class

All HTH models feature a 2 24-month parts and service
The Magni Warranty requires your machine to
be regularly serviced from new by an authorised
Magni dealer.
Our warranty covers any defects attributable to faulty
materials or workmanship for a maximum of 2 years
or 2,000 machine working hours.
Our Aftersales Team and Spare Parts Department are
always ready to support you, every day of the year.

*Consumables are excluded from the warranty.

This function greatly improves the management of the
parking brake, making the machine easier and even safer
to drive. It can be applied only to machines with engines
that meet Stage V specififications.
This function means it is no longer necessary to use the
dedicated button on the steering column to engage and
disengage the parking brake.
The brake is automatically engaged whenever the
vehicle’s speed approaches zero, and is disengaged when
the FNR is in drive mode and you hit the drive pedal.



The levelling system on tyres is standard for all models in the HTH range, and helps the operator to work in total safety even on irregular terrain. This mechanism lets the driver adjust the machine levelling and have the full load chart for all operations, even with ground inclinations which would normally affect the lifting performance.

Magni has also introduced an additional levelling safety device: if the operator tries to manually correct the inclination of the machine on uneven terrain, the system detects the machine inclination and only allows compensation to be performed in the correct direction, preventing any movement which could worsen the situation.


This feature is particularly important when working operations have to take place on unstable ground conditions, such as in mines and quarries, or when you have heavy loads to increase adherence on the ground.

In fact, the 4WD grants optimal traction on difficult terrains (e.g. sand, mud or pebbles). Also, the good ground clearance makes this model very suitable and safe for these uneven grounds.


The possibility to choose the best movement according to the working space is a fundamental feature. On all HTH machines it is possible to choose the steering type that best suits your tasks:


Is a short steering mode that
has the best turning radius
possible to operate in very
tight spaces.


Best choice for road circulation
or even grounds.


Allows the machine
to approach from the side.



On each model, the transmission is different and has
been chosen to provide the best performance while
The HTH 30.12, HTH 35.12 and HTH 50.14 are equipped
with a hydrostatic transmission that is a heavy-duty
automatic shift box type power shift with 3 speeds
electronically synchronized. It is a 2WD transmission
with automatic engagement of 4WD in case of slippery
For HTH 24.11 and HTH 27.11, the transmission is
hydrostatic and electronically controlled with a central
self-locking differential, to prevent slips and problem with
adherence to the ground.
For HTH 10.10, HTH 16.10 and HTH 20.10 the
transmission is hydrostatic and electronically controlled
made of a variable displacement pump for an accurate
handling of the load.

The hydraulic circuit is Load Sensing with 350 bars of
working pressure; it is composed by a l\s high precision
pump, two electro proportional joysticks and a SIL 2
main valve.
The system responds to the European regulation
EN13489 regarding the electrical controls safety.
The electronic management of the hydraulic circuit
automatically selects the best engine rpm to provide
the best performance. This results in a reduction in fuel
consumption on long working cycles.
With the Magni software it is possible to manage
the flow sharing, and therefore ensuring safety
and precision while performing up to 4 hydraulic
movements simultaneously.
The machines are equipped with heavy duty axles with
hydraulic servo-assisted multidisc brake in oil bath, with
heavy duty 4 stage epicyclic reduction.

All engines supplied with the RTH range meet the
requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 regarding
Magni will be the first to install Stage V engines.
Volvo and Deutz will be our partner for the whole
HTH range and will provide reliable and strong
The smallest model HTH 10.10 is equipped with Deutz
Stave V engine with 100kW power to perform smoothly
every heavy logistics task.
Models HTH 16.10 and HTH 20.10 will be supplied with
a 160kW Volvo Stage V engine, whereas bigger models
HTH 24.11 and 27.11 will be equipped with 175 kW Volvo
Stage V engine.
The biggest of the range, up to the HTH 50.14 will be
equipped with the powerful 235 kW Volvo Stage V
This change represents a great step forward for a more
sustainable future and Magni has certainly not missed
this opportunity!

The electric circuit is IP67 and this means that it is
completely protected against all types of dust and
water, with a max depth of 1 mt underwater for short
periods of time. The elctric circuit is 24V and all the
electric control units (ECU) are connected with a
CAN BUS system. The CAN BUS system has been
specifically designed to work without problems even
in envirnonments heavily distributed by the presence
of electromagnetic field.
CAN BUS technology requires 1/3 less cables,
this reduces the risk of failure on the circuit and
increases the reliability of the machine, morevoer
the adoption of standardized interfaces facilitates

An R.F.ID automatic attachment recognition system is fitted as standard to all models in the HTH range, installed on the boom head. When the attachment is coupled to the machine, it is recognised automatically, the display is consequently updated with the corresponding load chart and the load limit device is set for that specific attachment. Thanks to its reduced weight, the new quick-fit system offers improved lifting capacity. This system makes the HTH range much safer, preventing the risk of selecting incorrect attachments.


The very rugged boom is constructed from highstrength steels and designed to guarantee high performances, which means high capacities and high structural rigidity, and therefore high handling precision, while at the same time being an impressively lightweight component, enabling us to optimise the machine to ensure high capacities throughout the working area.

To protect the hydraulic hoses from possible collisions with the external working environment, we have placed them inside the boom. What’s more, for greater reliability we have not only used special ducts, fixed to the inside of the boom, to support and guide the mobile hoses during extension and retraction, but have also welded the individual hoses together to form a single pipeline, much stabler, safer and easier to control than a conventional loose hose solution.


All the Magni telehandlers are equipped with a load limiting system that loads automatically the diagrams for each attachment and continuously analyzes the position of the load in space in each operation. The touch screen display in the cab dynamically shows the position of the load according to the operator movements. If an overload occurs, the system interrupts the movement immediately, allowing only the retraction and lowering of the boom.

Potentiometer for angle and length of boom detection
with redundant safety.Potentiometer for angle and length of boom detection
with redundant safety.

Dynamic representation of all the collected data
on the touch screen for the operator.

Detection of load weight through 4 pressure
transducers: 2 placed on lifting cylinders and 2 on
compensation cylinder.

Flashing beacon.


The great potential of Magni machines is completely achieved by choosing the right attachment among all the possible options given. It is in fact true, that all attachments are interchangeable* giving the possibility to have one machine that can perfom more than one task.


Changing tyres or cylinder, as well as moving and positioning conveyor belts and colis is made super easy with Magni Mining & Quarries special attachments.
Due to peculiar maneuveres that must be completed in this sector, each attachment of this range has been studied specifically to perform smoothly its task.

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