The New Fleet Management

Have your fleet at a fingertip.

Enjoy MyMagni free of charge for the first three years on all new machines.

Discover how the new GPS system that Magni Telescopic Handlers fits on each machine can help you manage and monitor your fleet. A total overview that enables you to map and track every movement of your fleet, and displays the most critical items on your dashboard.


Monitoring of machine hours and service alerts improve maintenance planning. Machine error warnings and maintenance history records are also
available. Technical alarms and maintenance data help to keep your fleet running and in perfect condition at all times. Drive down costs and drive up productivity.

MyMagni Desktop

This page displays the exact position of each unit
and its operating status, via a colour legend.

This is an embedded section that provides
access to standard modules such as reports,
servicing, alarms and access control.

Here you can easily segment and chart your fleet,
helping you make informed business decisions.

Here you can find all the relevant information,
such as geolocation and GPS status, in real time
simply by setting the appropriate filters available
on the page.

This is the landing page where you can check
daily usage, CAN BUS data, and even investigate
any current active events for all the machines in
your fleet.

MyMagni Mobile

This is a light version designed for mobile fleet
management. This app helps you identify machines
in need of immediate care, forestalling potential
breakdowns. The events engine collects and displays
all important machine events such as CAN fault
codes, pre-checks and service, damage and even
overdue service.

CHAT: this message centre helps keep track of
ongoing communication between you and your

You can also share high-quality pictures
and video content.
MyMagni is available on both the Apple Store and
Google Play Store. You can stay connected to your
fleet with a simple tap of your smartphone’s screen.
Resolve issues. Limit downtime.
Have fun with the MyMagni Mobile app!

CE – compliant with the RED Directive 2014/53/EU as stated in the EU Declaration of Conformity.
FCC and IC – the product contains radio transmitters certified in accordance with the relevant parts of CFR 47 and Industry Canada rules and regulations.
PTCRB – certified in accordance with North American Permanent Reference Document 03 for cellular communication and radio resource management protocols.
Automotive – E1-certified as an Electronic Sub-Assembly (ESA) for installation in vehicles according to United Nations (UN) R10.
Environmental class – environmentally tested for use on heavy trucks (SAE J1455) covering vehicles and off-road machinery. Enclosure protection class: IP67.


 A simple and intuitive interface, optimised for both desktops and portable devices. Each page displays different sets of data, and you can easily navigate between them via a menu. MyMagni allows you to connect to your fleet anywhere in the world.


Always keep an eye on your fleet. Real-time geo-fence alarms alert you when the
machine leaves a specific operating area, and also notify you of unauthorised use of the machine. Real-time curfew and tow alerts also notify you if a machine is switched on or moved illegally. Safety warnings alert you of malfunctions and safety-related defects.

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