The RTH range is the result of years of experience and research in the field of rotating telescopic handlers. It reflects and satisfies the needs of our customers and their requirement for reliability and performance. The RTH range is built to adapt to any worksite and operate in maximum safety, guaranteeing the best
lifting performance under any conditions.

The 360° rotating turret and its great versatility makes our RTH range the perfect choice to maximise efficiency by having just one machine able to carry out more tasks. Thanks to a wide range of available attachments (forks, hooks, jibs, platforms and more), and an R.F.ID automatic attachment recognition system for safe pairing, the utmost versatility is always guaranteed with Magni RTH.


The innovative design of Magni’s cabs ensures
unbeatable operator comfort and safety.
The cab has full visibility thanks to a large
windscreen which extends from the operator’s head
to their feet, allowing them to view the load even
when it is suspended overhead or with the boom
completely lowered.

The cab is FOPS/ROPS certified and equipped with
an upper grill guard to guarantee operator safety
even during the most delicate operations.
The cabin is also airtight and fully pressurised,
to ensure a safe working environment for the operator
at all times.

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Our RTH range can be used in any part of the world,
from Siberia to the African deserts. All machines in the
RTH range are therefore equipped as standard with a
heating and air conditioning system.
(Except RTH 4.18)

Magni machines feature 100% air filtration.
This feature, which is standard on all RTH models,
enables the machines to be used even in polluted
or contaminated environments. You simply need to
change the filter according to your requirements.

Achieving the most comfortable and ergonomic driving
position is essential while working. The Magni RTH cab
allows you to easily adjust the steering wheel to the most
ergonomic and comfortable position. Nevertheless, when
the column is straight, you can effortlessly access the cab.
The seat can also be moved forwards and backwards to
achieve the perfect support for your back.

Recently added to the cab, you will now find a mug
holder. This is a big hit with operators, allowing them
to enjoy their morning coffee or other beverages during
their breaks. The cab also features a USB port as
standard, ideal for charging tablets and smartphones.



All Magni models from 4 to 5 ton capacity are
equipped with a 7’’ touchscreen display. The machine
management software installed on the touchscreen
gathers all usage data and displays them conveniently
over five different pages. Navigating between these
pages is extremely easy and intuitive, even for less
expert users.


The user-friendly touchscreen display is used to
manage the whole machine: it is extremely intuitive,
and communicates with the operator via more than
170 written fault messages in 12 different languages.
The touchscreen can also be managed via a joystick.
The stabilisers and auto-levelling can also be managed
via dedicated buttons.


The cabs of models with 6, 7, 8, 13 ton capacity feature
a larger touchscreen (10’’). The Linux operating system
used is faster and more fluid when navigating between
pages, even during prolonged use. The larger display
offers greater legibility of the load charts. In these models,
the touchscreen features updated software which is even
easier to use, offering the greatest possible intuitiveness for
all operations.


Fast and simple troubleshooting of electrical and
electronically managed components allows for
reductions in machine downtime. When a fault is
detected, the system automatically shuts off any
movement likely to worsen the fault and displays an
alarm code which identifies the fault type.

The Magni Combi Touch System is a brand new concept
in machine management; it is easy to use for both
expert and new operators, thanks to its icon-based
design which makes it highly intuitive.
The system is divided into 3 main pages, each one
dedicated to different functions. Each page can also be
easily brought up via a specific button on the joystick.


All data on the transmission and
its components are shown in the
upper section, just like a traditional
instrument cluster, whereas the
lower section allows the driver
to select the type of steering.
This selection is facilitated by
the presence of two alignment
sensors. It is also possible to set
the speed (tortoise/hare).


The RTH range has an interactive
stabilisation area: each stabiliser
automatically recognises its
extension. Based on this data, the
software provides the operator
with a progressive load chart,
which increases as the length
of the stabiliser increases, so
that the machine always has the
best chart. The RTH range is also
equipped with an electronic level
for automatic levelling of the


Magni uses the “Load Moment
Indicator” system which meets
all regulations for cranes.
The screen displays a dynamic
load chart which allows the
operator to keep a constant
view of the payload’s centre of


The upper section is used to
manage basic cab commands
(such as temperature and
ventilation), the middle section is
dedicated to the machine lights,
while the lower section displays
the various available options for
switching from the cab controls to
remote control.


This page displays the
limitations for 360° turret
rotation and also for the working
height. It is also possible
to customise the hydraulic
speeds for lifting/lowering
and extension/retraction of
the boom, turret rotation, fork
tilting and attachment functions
for dangerous or repetitive


This page is dedicated to the
performance of the Volvo Stage
V engines. It allows users to
check the % blockage of the
catalytic converter, and to
activate the DPF regeneration
procedure directly.
*Available just for machine equipped with with Volvo
Stage V Engine.



Our Rotating Telescopic Handler range combines
craftsmanship with innovation and technology, to offer
high-end performance in each application.
Our unique approach to R&D into new products and
technologies allows us to constantly develop and
improve our range, and offer our customers the best
working solutions. The RTH range, a three-in-one
machine by nature (forklift, crane and man platform),
is the perfect solution for every job site.


Magni has a partnership with Liebherr’s Components
Division to supply the rotation technology for our
RTH range.
All 6-, 7-, 8- and 13-tonne capacity models incorporate
this rotation system technology.
Magni – always attaining greater heights and precision.

All RTH models feature a 24-month parts and service
The Magni warranty requires your machine to
be regularly serviced from new by an authorised
Magni dealer.
Our warranty covers any defects attributable to faulty
materials or workmanship for a maximum of 2 years
or 2,000 machine working hours.
Our Aftersales Team and Spare Parts Department are
always ready to support you, every day of the year.

*Consumables are excluded from the warranty.

This function greatly improves the management of the
parking brake, making the machine easier and even safer
to drive. It can be applied only to machines with engines
that meet Stage V specifications.
This function means it is no longer necessary to use the
dedicated button on the steering column to engage and
disengage the parking brake.
The brake is automatically engaged whenever the
vehicle’s speed approaches zero, and is disengaged when
the FNR is in drive mode and you hit the drive pedal.
(Except RTH 4.18)



The levelling system on tyres is standard for all models in the RTH range, and helps the operator to work in total safety even on irregular terrain. This mechanism lets the driver adjust the machine levelling and have the full load chart for all operations, even with ground inclinations which would normally
affect the lifting performance.  Magni has also introduced an additional levelling safety device: if the operator tries to manually correct the inclination of the machine on uneven terrain, the system detects the machine inclination and only allows compensation to be performed in the correct direction, preventing any movement which could worsen the situation.


The powerful hydrostatic transmission provides each wheel with all the power necessary to tackle the roughest terrain and the toughest slopes. Equipped with four-wheel drive, two forward/reverse gears and a rear tilting axle, the RTH range guarantees perfect stability and maximum grip. In addition, the impressive ground clearance allows the machine to overcome any obstacle.


For increased convenience during long operating sessions, we have added an additional steering function.
The automatic steering system allows you to switch from one steering type to another, without having to align the
wheels manually. This enhances not only safety and driving comfort, but also the performance of your Magni model.


The possibility to choose the best movement according to the working space is a fundamental feature. On all HTH machines it is possible to choose the steering type that best suits your tasks:


Offering an improved turning

circle for moving in tight spaces


For on-road driving


Allows the machine
to approach from the side



The electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission,
composed of an electronically controlled variable
displacement pump (500 bar working pressure),
ensures accurate and progressive speed regulation
to position the load in complete safety. The automatic
calibration of the hydrostatic pump and motor with
variable displacement offers the perfect balance
between speed and pulling force.
The two-speed gearbox offers a high and low speed
range for on-road and off-road driving, respectively.


The axles of the RTH range, with planetary reduction gearbox and multi-disc wet brakes, have the steering cylinder on the upper part in order to protect them from accidental collisions. The rear axle is a tilting model to ensure the best off-road performance, but the machine is equipped with automatic differential locking beyond +/- 5° turret rotation to ensure better stability.

All models from the RTH 5.18 up feature a
load-sensing system (350 bar effective working
pressure). It is composed of an l/s high pressure pump
(for hydraulic movement); two electro-proportional
joysticks and a SIL 2 main safety valve which complies
with EN 13489 concerning the safety of electronic
Gas-tight couplings, thermoplastic hoses and steel
pipes ensure a perfect seal.
The electronic management of the hydraulic system
allows it to select the best engine speed for the
hydraulic power required, providing reductions in fuel
Magni software allows management of flow sharing,
guaranteeing both safety and precision of each
hydraulic movement (up to 3/4 movements at a time).

All engines supplied with the RTH range meet the
requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 regarding
Magni will be the first to install Stage V engines.
Our top-of-the-range models will feature VOLVO
engines in order to ensure best-in-class performance
even with high capacities. The smaller models in
the range, up to the RTH 5.25, will be equipped with
powerful Stage V Deutz engines.
The electronic management of the transmission
ensures its perfect adaptation to the engine’s torque
curves in order to optimise the use of the components,
allowing for a 10-15% reduction in fuel consumption
and longer lifetimes for the components themselves.
The engine bay has been designed for easy access,
facilitating inspections.

The IP67-rated electric circuit is protected against
water and dust ingress, and runs at 24V.
The RTH range is equipped with a CAN BUS,
which handles all data relating to the electronic
components. All information regarding the engine,
transmission, hydraulic system and load moment
indicator is shown on the touchscreen display.
CAN BUS technology requires around a third less
wiring, reducing the risk of faults on the circuit and
increasing overall reliability of the machine.

An R.F.ID automatic attachment recognition system is fitted as standard to all
models in the RTH range, installed on the boom head. When the attachment
is coupled to the machine, it is recognised automatically, the display is
consequently updated with the corresponding load chart and the load limit
device is set for that specific attachment.
Thanks to its reduced weight, the new quick-fit system offers improved lifting
capacity. This system makes the RTH range much safer, preventing the risk of
selecting incorrect attachments.


Manufactured from high-tensile steel, the boom is extremely tough and rigid
but at the same time very light, increasing the load capacity and preventing it
from flexing. The telescopic extension of the sections is actuated by a cylinder.
A dual-chain system and hydraulic hoses completely contained inside the boom itself significantly reduce accidental breakages due to collisions.

The block is composed of welded hoses, preventing rubbing
between the individual lines and maintaining alignment, thus
also contributing to a significant reduction in faults.
The sliding pads are fastened to steel blocks, ensuring smooth
movement of the structure.


Magni’s pivoting stabilisers are quick to deploy and position. They guarantee maximum stability thanks to the large contact surface that assures optimal grip on any kind of ground. When working on slopes or irregular ground, just one button press allows you to automatically level the machine on stabilisers. An electronic level detects the machine’s inclination and brings it back to the
horizontal. A green dot on the touchscreen display indicates the machine level, allowing you to monitor it at all times. The retracted position is ideal for moving around tight work sites, as the stabilisers remain entirely within the
machine’s footprint with no protrusion.

On all smaller models the compact size of the chassis is complemented by the pivoting stabilisers installed on the same axis; when these are closed they do not protrude from the outline of the machine, and do not affect its ground clearance. When they are opened, on the other hand, they form a very compact stabilisation area, while maintaining impressive lifting capacity.

The performance of the smaller models is highlighted by their small wheelbase which also allows for more advantageous tyre capacities, while compactness is assured by the increased steering angle, offering an improved turning circle to allow manoeuvering even in tight spaces.

When working on slopes or irregular ground, just one
button press allows you to automatically level the
machine on stabilisers. An electronic level detects
the machine’s inclination and brings it back to the
horizontal. A green dot on the touchscreen display
indicates the machine level, allowing you to monitor it
at all times.


The biggest models are equipped with scissor stabilisers, which have zero protrusion when closed. Their overlapping beams are fastened to the chassis
without affecting ground clearance. The stabilisers can be managed simultaneously or individually in order to adapt perfectly to the work zone.


When working on slopes or irregular ground, just one
button press allows you to automatically level the
machine on stabilisers. An electronic level detects the
machine’s inclination and brings it back to the horizontal.
A green dot on the touchscreen display indicates the
machine level, allowing you to monitor it at all times.


The stabiliser extension and retraction process
guarantees perfect grip on any kind of ground thanks to
the large contact area, thus preventing the risk of sinking
into the ground. At the same time, it ensures automatic
closing of the stabiliser feet without protrusion.


Thanks to their great flexibility, scissor stabilisers do
not require much space to stabilise the machine.
Even when it is only partially stabilised, the machine is
programmed to provide the best possible load chart
on each side.


When fully extended, the stabilisers guarantee
maximum performance over a full 360° thanks to
their square stabilisation base. This allows them to
perform any task with ease.


The stabilising pads for scissor stabilisers are specifically
designed to offer perfect grip and prevent any slippage.
The wide contact area is designed to distribute the load
evenly to the ground and support machine performance.
Stabiliser pads are available as an option to increase
the stabilisation area and reduce the pressure on the


Magni has implemented a new function on the new
RTH range that slows down the movement of the
scissor stabilisers during the closing phase, making it
even quieter and smoother.


Scissor stabilisers are perfect for working in tight spaces,
and adapt to the space limitations of each work site.
Their incredible flexibility means you can easily extend
or retract any stabiliser independently, depending on
the surrounding obstacles. Full 360° performance
is guaranteed, with lifting capacity adjusted in
proportion to stabiliser extension. This optimised
load chart management makes the user’s life easier,
ensuring they always have the best load chart available
whatever the machine setup and position.


The stabiliser configuration can be saved on the
dedicated software screen. All the stabiliser positions
will be saved and the onboard software will make them
available the next time the machine is started.


In order to ensure maximum safety, all machines in the RTH range meet product standards for forklift trucks, cranes and aerial work platforms. All Magni telescopic handlers are equipped with a Load Limit Device (LMI) The LMI stores specific load charts for each attachment and continuously analyses the spatial positioning of the load, dynamically displaying the correct load chart based on the machine’s working configuration. If an overload occurs, it automatically stops any movement which would aggravate the situation, allowing only retraction.

Boom angle and
length detection
potentiometer with
redundant safety

Load weight detection via
4 pressure transducers:
2 installed on the lifting
cylinders and 2 on the
compensation cylinder.

Turret position
detection via rotation
sensors installed
within the rotating

Flashing light.

Dynamic representation
of all the collected data
on the touchscreen
display for the operator.

Automatic detection of stabiliser
configuration via potentiometers
installed inside the beams to
ensure their protection.

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